Getting to know Minecraft Better

Markus Persson prepared the sandbox game Minecraft. The game development began in the year 2009 but was officially released in the year 2011. Upon release Minecraft broke all records set up by the popular games earlier. The passion to play the game has been constantly rising since then.

In Minecraft the basic idea is to play with various blocks in a three dimensional background. As a player you need to set free your creative side to design various constructions with these blocks. You have the option to purchase the game or to play in the free mode.
The Minecraft game can also be played in the single player or multi player mode. The current versions that are available include 1.4.7 computer version, 1.5 pre version, 0.6.1 pocket edition, 1.3.1 Xbox 360 edition and 0.1.1 pi edition. First you need to get mc servers from a provider like Fragnet or others before you go ahead.

Interestingly there are some bugs and glitches that give you the freedom to do a variety of stuff. You can get considerable help to progress in game. Here are some interesting ones:

  1. During sunlight the zombies can catch fire for a small amount of time.
  2. You will be unable to break a cota when it is stuck even if you hit it repeatedly.
  3. When an iron golem is built against a wall it will commence to suffocate.
  4. If you find walls that are not solidly built you can use enderpearls to teleport through them.
  5. If you reload a world the spider jockeys will get separated.
  6. In case you are able to place many carts in a single rail they will blink simultaneously.
  7. When you stack sand or gravel on a half block your task of sand gallows removal will become very easy as during the destruction of the bottom of the block all the sand will fall off automatically.

These are only few bugs and glitches that have been listed here. You can find more by watching relevant videos related to this aspect. There are many sites where help is on offer. Try these for enhancing the Minecraft experience. You can also check out the official Minecraft page for more information. Also the battlefield 4 game has been launched and you can get bf4 server hosting online if you are interested.

Things to avoid while playing Minecraft

From their playing experiences the seasoned gamers have offered some invaluable tips for the new players. Below are some of the instructions that a player of Minecraft should not do:

  1. Never dig straight down. As you are standing on a block and digging it would result in a deep fall. This is potentially hazardous for your health.
  2. Never dig straight up. By doing this you risk unsolicited elements to fall upon you.
  3. It is never wise to dig in front of the block you are standing. This is risky if you are standing closer to the block. Chances are the block might open into a ravine or you may enter into a monster spawner.
  4. Do not try to kill the creepers without a bow. Creepers are known to explode and cause damage to your health. By using a bow you can kill them from a distance.
  5. Using bows to kill the zombies or Endermen is not a good idea. You need to spare the arrows for other dangerous elements.
  6. Never take the risk to go out on the first night. There are many hostile hosts waiting for you there. With the inexperience you are most likely to get killed.
  7. Always avoid carrying materials that can cause fire. This can cause a wildfire damaging lot of resources.
  8. During the initial period conserve your energy and do not sprint. Sprinting can reduce the hunger bar rate pretty rapidly. This can prove fatal if there is shortage of food.
  9. You should refrain from constructing weak houses. Elements like dirt, sand and snow are some of the known weak materials. This will ensure your protection.
  10. You should avoid making your house out of wood. There are several disadvantages of a house made purely out of wood.

Here is a Video on things Not to do while playing Minecraft:

While playing this enthralling game you might find something useful to share. As already said you can progress in this game depending on your involvement. The main motto should be to get unlimited fun out of this game. By eliminating some of the hindrances you are well equipped to do well.

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The Minecraft Mods

The Minecraft mods are essential when you decide to change the Minecraft world you are playing in. You are liberated to set free your imaginations. This gives you the ability to create a dynamic world. To try the various mods you can get them online from the various available mods. Listed below are some of the popular mods:

·        A single way too many Pieces Minecraft Mod: This mod lets you do a lot of things. This is also known to work very well with the other mods. If you    plan to install a single mod only then this is the one you should go for.

·        Millenaire NPC Mod: This mod is the best suited when you intend to add additional neighborhoods

·      Several Minecraft Avenues Mod: If you are willing to take the aerial route this mod will allow you to introduce aeroplanes. You can visit various locations at a fast pace.

These are only a few as already said and you can always find many more mods online. The role of a specific mod would be detailed for your convenience. You can go through them and install the one that fits best in your Minecraft world. One thing is for sure without these mods Minecraft experience would not be as exciting.

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